More Information

The book, Walking a Sacred Path by Dr. Lauren Artress offers an excellent introduction to the labyrinth. It is published by Riverside Books, New York, NY.

There is never a fee charged for labyrinth walks at New Life, however, donations are always accepted. Any money collected goes toward the improvement and maintenance of the labyrinths and the surrounding landscaping. Do not feel obligated to make a donation.

Rental rates for the Labyrinth are:

  • $75 per day up to three days
  • Four to seven days: $300

A $25 refundable folding fee is charged with each rental. This fee is returned after the labyrinth is returned and deemed folded according to instructions, which are included with every rental. Proper folding of the canvas reduces wear and tear and makes it easier for the next group who will use the labyrinth to set it up. Those wishing to rent the labyrinth are also encouraged to attend a 2nd Friday labyrinth walk to familiarize themselves with setting up and putting away the labyrinth.

For more information about labyrinth walks, talks, or rentals, contact New Life Presbyterian Church at