How Do I Walk It?

Although there is no single way to walk the labyrinth, Dr. Artress points out several ways one can approach walking the path. One way is to allow the mind to empty into silence; another way is to quiet the mind, then allow it to be open to any images that may come to you. A third way is called the Three-fold Path which results in a greater sense of relationship with the divine.

Relaxing: The path into the center is a time to let go of thoughts, worries, and emotions as you allow your mind to empty and become quiet.

Illumination: A sense of clarity and insight is often found in the center of the labyrinth. The center is a place of meditation and prayer. You may find it useful to meditate on the meaning of the petals of the rosette at center. The rosette represents the Holy Spirit or Holy Mother. Starting from the leftmost petal and moving clockwise, each petal corresponds to a level of creation, or spiritual evolution: mineral, plant, animal, human, angelic, and unknown. You are welcome to sit or stand in one of the petals or in the center of the rosette for as long as you wish.

Union: A sense of communion with God, or Spirit that can begin as you leave the center and start the walk out of the labyrinth. This is also a time for being empowered to live out in the world the insights you have received during your walk.

Labyrinth Etiquette

If you meet someone going in the opposite direction while on the path, you can step to the side or pause in the labyrs (the purple double-ax symbol that gives the labyrinth its name) in order to allow that person to pass. If you want to stay focused on your inner experience, do not make eye contact. It is all right, however, to smile or even touch hands with friends or loved ones as you pass them!